GL X750 with (known working) Telekom SIM does not connect to Base Station

Hi All,
Currently evaluating the GL-INET X750 (EP06) router with an known working Telekom SIM.
Config went fine with the Auto config, but the cell info shows status NOCONN, even though all other parameters are ok, Reception (RSRP) is -98dBm, RSRQ is -9dBm, Band is 20, so coverage isn’t the issue, FW version is 3.027, i have no clue, why i dont get en internet connection here

  • any thoughts/ideas/ recommendations ?
    rgds, Mike

michael_ma, are you connecting to the 5g(Rad0)? Try 2g(Rad1). On my GL-X750, the Rad0 or 5g was not configured properly for my device. I was connecting but no internet on 5g.

Hi embarque, many thanks for your reply, already thought nobody would have an idea - but honestly, i don’t know what you mean with rad0 and rad1 or 5G - i‘m using an Telekom SIM with the auto config feature of the GL-X750 - can you explain what i shall do to get the raumstation you achieved - the only devices i‘m able to configure manually are wd0 device of the USB 0-3 devices - but non did bring an Internet connection - on other LTE / 4G routers, iw#t was no problem to use the SIM, and get an Internet conn3ction right away -
maybe you can explain a bit more in details what to be done to get it working for you .
your information and help is highly apreciated
rgds, Mike

I am facing the same problem: SIM from Telekom ( is automatically recognized, connected, (I have an IP (10.26.8.xx) but no internet at all.

The same, the SIM works perfect in many other devices.
My router is MUDI (GL-E750 Portable 4G LTE Router)

Very frustrating!!

Check this post and find the Troubleshoot part and images, which states the best settings.

Dear Alzhao,

Thank you for your message.
I would like to highlight I was referring to the German-based company (called T-Mobile, or Telekom). It is sometimes confused with the same* company T-Mobile, based in USA.

In any case, I was able to solve my problem as stated in: Mifi: LTE connected but no Internet - #26 by sebastian (link for future reference)

*I doubt on calling “same”, because they only share the name. Maybe the investors and stake-holders. But they are two different companies from a technical and commercial point of view. I used to be client of USA_T-Mobile. Which made no difference when I started to be client of Germany_T-Mobile

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You can omit the North America Carrier info.

In that post, I have some optimal settings for the modem, which applies to all carriers.

If you have problem in qmi, just change to ttyUSB and it may solve the problem.