GL-X750v2 version update confusion


I attempted to apply 3.217 to this router via local upgrade, and after it rebooted and I checked the version, I am unclear on whether the update was performed or not. Under the “upgrade” menu item the “Current Version” field reads “3.104-3.217”, the compile date is 2023-05-08, and the last update is 3.104-unavailable.



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The date looks okay for Firmware 3.217. Firmware 3.104 is not available anymore on the GL.iNet download site. Also, log into SSH and look in /etc/config/glversion file.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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Thank you for your help. Logging in and looking in the /etc/config/ directory, there is no glversion file present. There are other gl* files, but none of them contain versioning information for the router.