GL-XE300 Can't send and recive sms for help

I have a GL-XE300 it is work great at 4g and wifi .
but I can’t send or receive sms from web ui.
If I try to send sms , only files in /etc/spool/sms/checked .

it’s look like
To: 08019872647
To_TOA: international


when I use web api . I can get modem informaion like this

{‘code’: 0, ‘hint_modify_wifi_channel’: 0, ‘modems’: [{‘ports’: [‘/dev/ttyUSB1’, ‘/dev/ttyUSB4’, ‘/dev/ttyUSB2’, ‘/dev/cdc-wdm0’, ‘/dev/ttyUSB3’], ‘modem_id’: 3, ‘data_port’: ‘/dev/ttyUSB4’, ‘control_port’: ‘/dev/ttyUSB3’, ‘qmi_port’: ‘/dev/cdc-wdm0’, ‘name’: ’ EG25GGBR07A08M2G\r’, ‘IMEI’: ‘860195051757521’, ‘bus’: ‘1-1.2’, ‘hw_version’: ‘’, ‘sim_num’: ‘’, ‘mnc’: ‘513’, ‘mcc’: ‘440’, ‘carrier’: ‘KDDI’, ‘up’: ‘on’, ‘download’: 1494731, ‘upload’: 2255058, ‘ip_addr’: ‘’, ‘SIM_status’: 0, ‘signal’: 4, ‘mode’: ‘4G’, ‘newsms’: 0}]}

this is the conf at /etc/smsd.conf

Description: Main configuration file for the smsd

devices = GMS99
incoming = /etc/spool/sms/incoming
outgoing = /etc/spool/sms/outgoing
checked = /etc/spool/sms/checked
failed = /etc/spool/sms/failed
sent = /etc/spool/sms/sent
eventhandler = /etc/forward
receive_before_send = no
autosplit = 3
logfile = 1
loglevel = 2
alphabet = UTF
status_signal_quality = no
delaytime = 0
incoming_utf8 = yes

Uncomment (and edit) this section to allow smsd to start:

#init = AT+CPMS=“ME”,“ME”,“ME”
device = /dev/ttyUSB3
incoming = yes
#pin = 0000
baudrate = 115200

Can you post the modem model? You can get this form the UI.

GL-XE300 has a modem . I am using built-in Nano SIM Card to access internet and want to send/receive sms.
form top page the modem looks like EG25GGBR07A08M2G

Also tell me the carrier.

It is more like the modem problems. But pls let me know carrier which may help.

I am using japan KDDI

Does your SIM card provide a phone number.
Or is it a data only, which usually can’t so SMS.


I think the problem is related to bug in the modems in some version. But I am still not sure.

So, How can I help to find out the bug

I will send an instructions to upgrade the modem firmware asap. After upgrade, pls try again.

That is great!

I’m having the same issue described above. I’m using the 3.215 firmware on the GL-X750V2. Checked the smsd.conf and it looks the same as above. Wondering if there were any developments with this. Thanks

I tested by sending SMS via uqmi cmdline:
uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --send-message data --send-message-target +49…

does this work or not? I am not familiar with uqmi cmd.
I have a similar issue, using 3.104-3.217 on X750v2. Surf 4G LTE network is OK, not able to receive/send sms. The sim card works OK on iphone to send/receive sms.

sms should just work, unless there is a compatibility issue or modem firmware bug.
You can send me modem model so that I can send instructions to update the modem.

Yes. I will send a instructions in pm.

Hello I also have a Puli (GL-XE300) Portable Wireless Gateway with EP06-E Module
Firmware 4.3.7

going to the sms interface I get this message : “This modem does not support SMS”

should I upgrade the modem?

Can you pls post the screenshot of the modem status page. EP06-E should support sms.

The modem firmware is old. I will send you a guide via pm.

Don’t know if it can solve the issue but just have a try.

the upgrade did not fix the issue