[GL-XE300] question about data roaming


I just bought a GL-XE300 and have a data SIM in it. It’s working well so far in my home country. Is there any setting I need to enable for data roaming when I am overseas?

I see that someone has asked about turning data roaming off in this post - E750 EP-06E Mudi Mobile data roaming. I can’t tell from the response if it is enabled by default. Can someone confirm?


Section 4.3.4 of the AT command manual for the EC25(-AF) shows the following. I usually ran the disable command for Visible as part of the configuration process. It should be the same for the EP06.

Disable roaming immediately


Enable roaming immediately


Here is a link to the EP06 AT command manual

Here is a link to the EC25 AT command manual as well

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