GLINET 750 Spitz

I get a good signal from Tmobile for internet on the GL.inet 750. I only use it to stream tv and it does pretty good most of the time. Maintains about 20 mbps, up to 40 mbps at night or early morning but there is still some buffering. We can’t get cable internet as I am i a rural area. Anyway, I use a Weboost and it helps. I was concerned about my rsrq thought as it is the only number that is questionable. It is usually around 13 to 15. Everything else is good to go. All green.
Proxicast makes an external antenna that claims to boost just this. The signal quality. Amazon has several to choose from. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Take a look at this thread for a 3rd-party antenna on your Spitz router:

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Already read this. It doesn’t help. Thats why I asked. I’m addressing rsrq specifically. Thanks