GLiNET App Request for future versions

Due to quite a few hours of attempting to setup and test a Beryl AX as a VPN Clinet (to an ASUS RT-AX86U) over the last several weeks (from work, where I only have an iPhone to test over a Public Wifi), I have had occasion to try and edit the Client / Peer WG profiles in the Beryl using the GLiNET App.

To do this on the screen shown you have to press the 3 vertically aligned dots, however it is so sensitive that with my fat fingers on an Iphone-8 sized screen, about 70% of the time I end up STARTING the WG VPN (which is NOT what I want to do), rather than being shown the menu which has Edit in it. I then have to stop the WG session and go through the 3 dot game all over again.

So my request is, please can you reconsider how these (and other very small) Edit, Play and Stop buttons actually work.



Thanks for your feedback.
The 3 vertically aligned dots clickable area is actually much larger than the icon. The problem should be that the trigger area for the whole line (starting VPN). It should be limited and we will fix this in the next release.

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