Goodcloud and VPN

Hello All, I am trying to figure out how to use either OpenVPN Server or Wireguard Server from my PC to connect to a device and be able to access the S2S that I have setup with Goodcloud.

I am successfully able to connect to the Brume in my office which is the HUB of the Goodcloud S2S and see the LAN, but I cant get to any devices on the Goodcloud S2S. There must be a setting I can adjust to be able to do this. I really appreciate you help with this. Thanks all!

Sorry I cannot fully understand your set up.

Can you let me know which devices is used to create the S2S network?

And in each node what devices you connected. How do you want to access?

A diagram is very helpful.

hi alzhao. I will draw a diagram next if my explanation does not explain what I am looking to do. Thank you for your reply.

I have multiple GL-inet Slate routers using Goodcloud to create a s2s. There are computers plugged into the LAN of the Slates at different buildings. If am on the LAN of any of the Slates I can connect to computers in different buildings because of the site to site. This all works great.

What I want to do is, if I am on the road I want to use one of the VPN servers of the routers and VPN to connect to the router and its s2s network. This way I can access all of the computers in the buildings.

This is where I currently am with progress. I have set up the VPN server and I can connect to the one router using either OpenVPN or Wireguard. I can connect to all of the devices that are on that one routers LAN but not all the other devices that are on a s2s using goodcloud. I think i need a route or something so when I try to access the LAN IP of one of the devices of the good cloud network my PC will be able to connect to them

It is very clear now. No need diagram.

Unfortunately you need to set up route in your vpn servers. It could be complicated.
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You can use a third router to join the S2S network and let the cloud to manage the router for you. That is the easiest way.