Guest network on LAN port X3000

I was reading about this topic on the provided link but don’t see my Spitz X3000 listed. Does this work for the X3000 as well? This would be very similar to a VLAN correct?

X3000 has only 1 LAN port, if you change it to guest, it is okay. But you will have no main LAN port.

But you can change the WAN port on the X3000 to a LAN port in the GUI. So now you have two LAN ports.

Another option is to buy switch ports :wink:

Yes, you are so smart!

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I have a 16 port switch already. You totally missed the point. I’m not trying to gain an extra ethernet port. I’m trying to have one of the LAN ports on the Spitz be a guest network LAN port. Then maybe plug another switch into that for guests to use.

Should be pretty easy by just moving the eth1 port to the guest bridge instead of using the lan bridge.

So I would say the way should be work the same.