How to Change A LAN port to Guest LAN

Sometimes people want to have one LAN port of GL-router change into the Guest LAN, then they can provide their guests a LAN connection without using the main LAN.

Our models GL-AX1800, GL-AXT1800, and GL-A1300 can provide one of the LAN ports to become a Guest LAN.

First, login your router and go to Luci. Then click the Network tab Interface and you will see the Guest

Click Edit and then you can see the manual inside. Change the Device from unspecified to eth2

Then go back to Interface and click LAN.

Change the Device from br-lan to eth1.

Finally, you can go back to the router web admin panel and turn on the guest wifi. You will have one LAN port changed to Guest LAN now.


Do any of the other routers support this, for example GL-MT6000 or GL-B3000 or is it just the 3 mentioned above?


I would say all router support it but you need to do the change using luci or SSH.

Ok great, that sounds positive, I’ll check that out…thanks for your reply

I am using A1300.
I have tried to do this but eth1 is allocated to tethering (i am using a usb lte dongle as wan 2, Starlink as wan1).
I am trying to route a lan port via wireguard ( wan1) and the other lan via wan1, with failover via wan 2
What do I select instead

If eth1 is tethering, then maybe eth0 is the switch and you should configure vlan there.

Just tried this tutorial on a AX1800 running 4.5.16 firmware and the Wi-Fi stopped working.
I couldn’t connect on any of the SSIDs (normal and guest). I had to revert the changes

daemon.warn dnsmasq-dhcp[4685]: DHCP packet received on wlan1 which has no address

I have run out of eh? settings;
eth0 is now allocated to guest
eth1 is allocated to wan
eh2 is allocated to tether
only other ethernet adapter shows as “wgclient”
I do not understand the vlan reference in your previous reply.