Guest Network on physical LAN port plus WIFI (Slate AX, GL-AXT1800)


I would like to add pyhiscal LAN2 port to the guest network:
Guest Network = LAN2 + Guest WIFI.

I think, I need to “move” eth1 from br-lan to br-guest.
May I ask to help me here, please?

There is similar topic for the GL-B1300, but I think i canot copy past the solution to the GL-AXT1800:

Please refer to


Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

I did the changes directly in the config file and not in the web frontend(s):

I moved the line with list ports 'eth1'
from the section config device option name 'br-lan'
to the section config interface 'guest'

Looks like this now:

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from the glinet web ui this settings is not avaiable?

No, the GL Web GUI is pretty limited.

I hope the can implement this useful feature soon.