Help no wi-fi: rtl8811au dongle on Brume, OpenWrt official snapshot img


I have a Brume MV-1000 with a TP-Link T2U Plus dongle, which have been working really well on the GL.inet custom OpenWrt, with this ipk:

After flashing an official snapshot img of OpenWrt, I can’t figure out how to get this dongle working. What is the corresponding package in opkg? Or could I get this ipk built again for the current master branch of OpenWrt?

This ipk does not install on snapshot openwrt? Then it could be difficult

There was a warning about the kernel dependency not being found. That means “wrong kernel” in plain english, right?

I will try ignoring the warning and force flashing when I have the time.

Actually you can find the source code here openwrt/package/kernel at openwrt-19.07.7 · gl-inet/openwrt · GitHub

Compile and ipk in your snapshot build and then you can install without problems.

How do I do that? Is it likely to work? I would like to know the full process before proceeding.

I can ssh and edit config files, do stuff on LUCI, but I have no time to learn how to write Makefiles.

Looking at the content of the ipk, I think this is the package that I need:

Package: kmod-8811au
Version: 4.14.151+2020-4-30-1
Depends: kernel (=4.14.151-1-ad1d2012e647da676e21f405cd1a44c7), kmod-mac80211, kmod-usb-core
Source: package/kernel/rtl8811au
SourceName: kmod-8811au
Section: kernel
Architecture: aarch64_cortex-a53
Installed-Size: 744708
Description:  Kernel modules for the Realtek 8811au  USB 802.11ac
 wireless USB adapters

but the gl-inet/openwrt repo no longer has that.

Did you ever get RTL8811AU working well on stock “vanilla” OpenWRT?

@alzhao Is there any way you can find out if GL-iNet’s patches for the RTL8811AU made it upstream? It would be lovely to have this device working in “vanilla” OpenWRT, when I used it on Brume with the stock GL-iNet firmware it was incredibly stable as an access point.