[HELP] SD card split (plugins + lan storage)

I have inserted in my GL-Inet router an 256 GB SD card.

Now I need to do following:

  1. Give 6GB to system (for installing plugins)
  2. Give 250GB to lan storage

Anyone can guide me how to do it? Or maybe someone can give me such script?

I am not really experienced in using terminal, so I will be really pleased if you will provide detailed instructions

This is called extroot filesystem. There are many guides online on how to do it. Official one at: [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration

You need to be specific about the protocol you need to use: nfs, cifs … etc

Will it work on modified version from GL-Inet?

Exfat4 FTP

I have no idea. You need to try it and see if it works.

After you get the extroot setup working, you can install an sftp server on gl device and configure it to use the available space on your storage.

Exroot should be pretty basic for openwrt and it should work in all the versions.