[HELP] I urgently need to install AGH to GL-XE300

I urgently need to install AGH to this device. It has “1 x MicroSD card slot (Up to 512GB)” maybe I can install it on SD? Or make it in system memory but cache on SD?

I need to preserve GL GUI…

Please help!

First of all you need to understand that all steps now are more or less experimental. So be prepared to brick (and debrick) your router :wink:

Here are a few links you should read.

That’s the way to use the space on SD card for adding it up to the system memory.

Installing AdGuard Home

Debricking the device

But: If AGH isn’t installed by default it can happen that the device is not capable of using it.

Will CPU and RAM handle it?

Device info

I would say ‘No’ because if it would, it would be preinstalled.

But testing is the way to go.

I won’t be so sure. The main reason for not pre installing I think - lack of memory. Purely theoretically it should work.

By the way GL engineers reply needed.

Nah, just testing required. As we can see within many threads AGH needs many resources, at least while updating the block-lists. I would guess it will work fine as some DNS-proxy, but not as a real ad-blocking service.

But just try it, OP. If it works, be happy, if not … well … sad.

Not Puli but on my Mudi it works. I risked but I don’t even have computer to debrik. So, yeah, it should be tried at least.