[Help] WireGuard listen Port Block

I have a problem on my GL-iNet-MV1000W every 1 or 2 days client wireguard internet block traffic bcoz of “listen port” i tried to restart but the problem persist bcoz the listenport is fixed on the device i need to manually delete the listen port and then reconnect client wireguard then the listen port is randomly entered on the field and my internet traffic is back again.

Is there any command that every time the client wireguard doesn’t have any connection for 1min or 30secs it will renew the ListenPort by itself so that no more hassle going to config and manually editing.

PS: same on WireGuard Congestions the network but no one is replying so i created a new.

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Hi ryu091,

Could you tell me why the fixed listen port cause the block of traffic?

Can’t tell you exactly why but maybe I’m in the restricted country UAE which is most VPN is block. That is why i always renew manually the listen port when its block.
That is why i hope there is a setting that renew ListenPort automatically when there is no internet for a couple of minutes.