WireGuard Congestions the network

Hi, friends, after having purchased for almost a month and made several attempts with settings and firmware, I still cannot get my AR750S’s wireguard network to work well, once started after a few hours or minutes the traffic goes into congestion, so particular the block concerns the “ListenPort”, when the network is blocked I have to manually update this port and at that point the wireguard network traffic returns to work.

I tried with LUCI to configure everything so that it can work, I reset the firmware several times, currently I use the relase 3.104 (2020-04-27 17:57:57).

Can anyone tell me what trick I can follow to make my wireguard network work well?

Open WireGuard directly after RESET firmware, same problem?

Hello any update on this?
I also have this problem on my GL-iNet1000W every 2 days client wireguard internet block traffic bcoz of “listen port” i tried to restart but the problem persist bcoz the listenport is fixed on the device i need to manually delete the listen port and then reconnect client wireguard then the listen port is randomly entered on the field and my internet traffic is back again.

Is there any command that every time the client wireguard doesn’t have any connection for 1min or 30secs it will renew the ListenPort by itself so that no more hassle going to config and manually editing.