Help with WAN packet capture

What’s an easy way to capture traffic on the WAN port? I’m not proficient with openwrt and networking, I just need an easy tutorial with a few steps. Looks like I may need to install Wireshark on my computer and mirror the WAN port – will it work for GL.Net routers, Brume in particular? I need to capture UDP packets coming to my WAN port from the cable modem on UDP ports 7 and 9.

The reason: I was unsuccessful in configuring my Brume to do packet broadcasts to do PC wake-on-lan. Port forward to broadcast IP x.x.x.255 did not work. Creating a permanent ARP binding also did not work. Before I declare that GL.iNet routers are incapable of broadcasting, I just want to confirm that my UDP packets indeed come into the router from the outside, to make sure it’s not my ISP fault.

To capture on wan and udp ports 7 and 9, use command:

tcpdump -i wan -s0 -n udp port 7 or udp port 9