help with Wireguard server

Hi I’ve just bought a Beryl router and am trying to setup wireguard server for remote access to my home.
I am having success in that I can remotely connect to the device itself (in my case and router is showing client online. I cannot access anything else on this subnet and cannot ping any of the many devices. I have enabled remote access lan. I am pretty new to this so please help

Please share your WireGuard config (without keys)

Hi is this what you asked for. ?

Can you give the subnet of the router and upper network?
What IP do you want to access?

Hi, I’m not sure of the question. The Beryl is the primary and only router connected to the ISP. It has address and I can successfully connect to it remotely as a wireguard server. I want to remotely connect to some devices on this network eg a PC on and several other devices in this same range.

The WireGuard network must be different from your routers network, mostly.
So your WireGuard should have for example.

All the magic happens by routing.

Hi thanks for that although I don’t understand. Does that mean that this router will not work for me. I think I still have a chance to return it.

No, you just have to change your WireGuard server config.

Can you give me some pointers. Sorry I’m not great at this stuff.

Change the WireGuard network from to
Then connect and try to access any device inside the network.

I don’t see anywhere on the router’s wireguard server menu to change it. I seems hard coded to the router’s ip address

apologies … I need to turn off the server to make changes… trying it now

I’m currently away from home and now have lost all connectivity so will continue later. What I don’t understand is that my old Asus router offered VPN and you just activated it and it just worked.
thanks in the meantime.

OK home again. Server will not accept The box shows a red outline and refuses to accept anything but

Yeah, because the IP of the server should be
I wasn’t aware that you don’t know anything about networking :sweat_smile:

I thought at least the basics are no problem.

Is it not the case that if I make the IP of the server then my dhcp range will be 10.10.10.x
All of my devices and some are fixed are in the range 10.0.0.x

That’s fine.

Your DHCP range for WireGuard VPN has to be different from your usual network.
You won’t get an IP from your main network but from your VPN. You then can reach every device due to routing.

I’m at a total loss. I want everyday home access to stay in the range 10.0.0.x
If I move the router to to accomodate WireGuard then the dhcp range of all my devices move to 10.10.10.x which is no good for me. The document here infers that everything just works on default settings. WireGuard Server - GL.iNet Router Docs 3

You don’t move the routers complete network, you only move the WireGuard network.
The docs don’t cover what you are doing because they don’t know about your net.

The normal network is, that’s why is OK for WireGuard.
Since you use as your normal network, WireGuard must use a different one.