Hilton ethernet connection portal error

So I tried plugging my Beryl AX WAN port into the Cisco router attached to the wall behind the TV at this Hilton and interestingly only one port seems to have DHCP work successfully. Anyway, once I enter in my last name + room number into the login portal I get an error code “299”. No idea what this code means.

I tried different browsers, unplugging and plugging back in, flushing DNS and rebooting. Regular Wi-Fi repeater with wired LAN works to my laptop works fine.

Please refer to Connect to a Hotspot with a Captive Portal - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 (gl-inet.com)

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I’ve already looked at this page before. This issue is unrelated to captive portal. I am able to authenticate successfully in the captive portal in repeater mode. The issue is something specific to the wired connection.

Have you also tried to clone the MAC address of a device that has been successfully authenticated?

Depending on the security standard of the hotel, you may not be able to simply use Ethernet ports, as these are specially protected. (The simplest option would be the MAC filter - but there are also Ethernet certificates, so there’s nothing you can do)

Yes I’ve already tried cloning the MAC. I’m just trying to understand how the DHCP works fine on ethernet from that box/port, but then the portal login fails with an error code. Is that something that could happen as a result of network security blocking ethernet even after DHCP assignment? Is that what you mean by “ethernet certificates”? I think you are correct in that assumption though.

It might be. Only the Hilton IT department will be able to answer this question, I guess.