How can I enable Wireguard Server on GL-MT300N-V2 using 3.201 firmware?

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The official related documentation ( does not seem to be up to date.
Currently, I have one more required field to start the Wireguard server service, named “IPv6 Address”.
This field is not editable without activating previously IPv6 with NAT6 mode on the router first.

I can’t figure out what is the IPv6 address I should fill-in. The two IPv6 addresses of the router itself, displayed on the first “Internet” tab of the admin panel, are not accepted.
Any advice is welcome :smile:!

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Pls refer to the pinned post about this problem

Somewhat confusing as you list the changes to WireGuard under the heading “OpenVPN”! OpenVPN and WireGuard are different unrelated protocols.

I did a software reset and know I’m able to start the WireGuard server without activating IPv6.
However, it seems that, it is impossible to launch simultaneously a Wireguard VPN client and server.

This is by designed. If you are using vpn client, you cannot use vpn server at the same time.