How easy is the upgrade to the latest OpenWRT versions?

I see that GL iNet routers are based on OpenWRT, only with a changed interface. From the pictures the interface looks far better than LuCI. But how easy is to upgrade to the latest version of OpenWRT and upgrade again to keep it with the latest security patches?

Don’t you want to create image from buildroot? All GL devices are based on OpenWRT-18.06.

I would like to avoid anything beyond downloading upgrades/images.

So I have noticed that the routers are based on OpenWRT. But I have no idea how long the support will go. So I bet on the OpenWRT updates just in case the company ends the support and patching of the bugs.

Your second message was just a little bit changed to your first.

Most routers are fully supported in OpenWRT “vanilla”, that is from the OpenWRT site, without the GL interface.
If your product is no longer supported by GL in the future, you can use OpenWRT vanilla, until they also end support for it. From then on, you would have to merge upstream security patches yourself.

As Kyson wrote you also, all GL v3 firmwares at the moment are based on OpenWRT 18.06.1, which is the latest version available.

Most routers I have seen in shops are NOT supported by OpenWRT. Their list is quite short.

Also, companies do tend to go out of business. The advantage of OSS projects is that any voluntary can do the patches and spread the result.

I was talking about the GL routers, i would think that was obvious since we are on the GL forums, maybe it wasn’t for you i don’t know (keeping to your tone from the other thread).

Since it wasn’t clear for you for whatever reason, here is a list you can read:

Those are routers from GL fully supported in vanilla OpenWRT.

So are they easy upgradable to OpenWRT?

Yes they are, via luci or uboot.

The AR750S say snapshot, is it work in progress?
when can we expect the slate to run 18.06.1?


Snapshot just means it didn’t make it into the current OpenWRT release, and will be in the next one.