How to access AdGuard without GL login?

I don’t know about others but I find entering Adguard Home very ANNOYING with the following steps

Go to http://Router-IP:3000 then, enter password, then click Applications, then Adguard Home THEN, Settings

NOW, what I like instead,…
http://Router-IP:3000, then enter password and immediately Enter Adguard Home instead of GL.inet Admin panel :slight_smile:

If a person does NOT specify port 3000 then GL.iNet admin panel should open :stuck_out_tongue:

Since AdGuard on the GL stock firmware is directly connected with the GL login, you can’t change this behavior.

If you like to, you can uncouple the login. But in that case, there will be other things to consider - I would not really recommend it.

Check out this thread: Aguard Home Password?

Yes you can do that by changing the Nginx config file.

Yes you can. But GL will not control or iframe in gl UI.
First turn off AdguardHome in gl UI
Second use software WinSCP and connect to router. Find location : /etc/AdguardHome/config.yaml
That file config.yaml cut and paste in your PC. Make sure empty file in router.
Third turn on AdguardHome in gl UI and open page to install manual, set your login and password.

After that you need to focus in luci about dns server with ports.
Don’t forget to make bookmark Adguard Home address :sunglasses: