Aguard Home Password?


I’ve got a Flint 2 and saw a great app that could compliment Aguard Home, called ‘Adguard Home Term’. Will live stream the requests in a terminal window or even a webpage.

So I wanted to have a play about with this as I can’t see any other way that I can monitor live DNS traffic. Does Luci have an app?

It requires the AGH username and password, but I don’t know what that is. I know you can reset AGH password, but I think that will break the integration with GL-Inet homepage.

Sadly, this is one thing that’s lacking in the firmware, live views of total traffic for the internet, and per device (yes, I know you can select a device at a time to view the throughput, but even this seems to have a lag compared to the true traffic coming through.).


Short answer: You can’t use username or password without breaking GL GUI.

Long answer: AGH is integrated into the login procedure by GL GUI. This happens during startup of the AGH instance - because it will load a settings file created by GL. You can, of course, modify the startup procedure, so AGH will act like a standalone installation, but in that case, you can’t configure AGH by GL GUI anymore. This has advantages and disadvantages, and I would not really recommend it for non-professional users. Some more information could be found here, even if it’s just about the updates.

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Yes, special code in config.yaml with GL.

If you want make login and password your own, just delete file config.yaml and start over install adguard home. But you will be lost control between GL router and Adguard home. Just split out and put manual dns IP address in your dhcp.

If you lost config.yaml then you could reset factory in gl router