How to change the battery?

Hello . Can you please tell me how to change the battery? It’s good that you can replace the battery.What manufacturers do you recommend? Is it possible to install a battery of higher power but the same size?

The battery is customzied. Difficult to change.

@alzhao Hello . Thanks for the answer . Sorry, I didn’t understand what you mean. What does customzied mean?)) That is, if my battery began to work poorly over time, I need to buy a new MUDI for $ 200 instead of just replacing the battery for $ 10?

I’m sure that the user in this post needs to tell and attach a photo or video how to change the battery.

The problem is that, shipping a battery is so expensive.

You cannot just buy a standard battery on the market.

I don’t own the Mudi so I can’t say for sure what type of batteries are in the battery pack but often they are simply NiMH “AA” batteries connected via wires or contact strips so if you have some soldering skills when the battery pack fails you may be able to carefully slice open the blue plastic that holds the batteries together and replace them yourself by soldering in new batteries. I’ve done it several times before on other custom battery packs. Then just find some plastic type rap that you can seal around the batteries again to maintain the shape. I’ve done it before and if you use higher quality (higher capacity) batteries you wind up with a better battery pack. But I can’t tell from the picture if that pack does use “AA” type batteries or not.

@motox22a Thank you very much for your answer and willingness to help. Just like you, I changed many different batteries on different devices and I can also do it blindly, but I would like developers or a user with real experience to write about this on the official website. So that in the future, those who were looking for an answer to this question would find it here. Now it looks like they tell me: don’t need to change the battery for $10, better buy a new device for $200))

If the battery is no good anymore, I would probably unplug it, and power with external battery (via type c port)

@bOcy Hello . Thanks for the answer. It seems to me that this is not a very good solution, since mudi will turn into King Kong MUDI in size :rofl:

Perhaps one of the users has already changed the battery, I’m sure of it.

The situation is the same, but a lot worse, with $1000+ smartphones that have non-user-replaceable batteries. You can still replace smartphone batteries by paying $$ to repair shops, or doing it yourself if you are brave enough with the tools, skills and knowledge. I did one successfully for personal learning and amusement.

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@wcs2228 You are right these solutions work against users. They are being forced! I do not use a phone in which the battery cannot be replaced.

And the fact that the developers here do not answer how to replace the battery makes me a little worried)) There is also an existing bug when you put the phone on charge and it turns on! Why can I work at night?))

My solution is how to change the battery in GL-E750

I want to immediately tell those who doubt their abilities, this is an elementary procedure, anyone can do it! Do not rush and do everything carefully and you will succeed! ))

Below you will see screenshots. If you have any questions please write. I did not remove the battery to the end and peel it off, as it is in excellent condition. To take it out completely, you need to peel it off and buy double-sided tape in any radio store to stick it back! You can show my photo and they will sell you such an adhesive tape.

Lets go ))





Have you found a source for compatible replacement batteries?

It looks like you can pull up on the 2 tabs or pry up the battery to remove it, without removing the circuit board. There may be double-side tape underneath that may take some effort, but damaging the battery is not a big concern if it is already dead.

@wcs2228 Thanks for your reply . Your decision seems logical, but in practice, removing a glued battery is not always a 50/50 easy task.
These tabs often come off and you have to mechanically remove the battery, and since everything is very close, you can damage the board. Ideally, it is better for developers to think about how to solve this problem, if the opinion of their customers and users is important to them))