How to disable Upgrade check on GL-MT6000?

It looks like the factory firmware (currently 4.5,4) auto checks on the Upgrade page whether or not your firmware is current. I would like to disable any auto check or auto update as those features are a security risk. Please provide that option in the GUI or by command. Thank you.

What kind of security risk do you see by sending an HTTPS request?

Yes HTTPS is encrypted, but these queries are going to unknown servers and most router brands, such as Asus, allow the user to disable these queries. It is a basic security strategy to disable such functions.


I don’t share your opinion here, since it’s an consumer product - but

uci set upgrade.general.auto_upgrade=0
uci commit upgrade

Should do the trick. I am not sure if it will disable the update query itself, but it should disable auto upgrading - even this is disabled by default.

Disabling the whole update check seems to be impossible - at least not with just one switch.

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Currently, the router has no entry for “upgrade.general.auto_upgrade”. Only has the following:

uci show upgrade.general


Try disabling upgrade.general.prompt='1'.

It does not check update automatically. We removed this option.

It checks update when you open the admin panel.


Good to know, and thanks for responding. @alzhao what is the best way to turn that off as I don’t want the router to do this check?

Maybe you can use adguard home to block

Krist — that’s going to cause a bit of a problem when I go to the firmware page to manually download the latest stable, then.

I 🡢highly🡠 suggest getting a user togglable switch on the GL GUI → System → Upgrades page to ‘Get notified of new releases’ … which doesn’t send any traffic if it’s off, of course.

Or make hostname in dhcp🤔 -