How to secure DNS and NTP on DD-WRT for AR300M NAND?

Its looks like the GL.iNet Open WRT Image for AR300M NAND, dont provide secured DNS and NTP. Thats should add urgendly on Firmware.

The result is, the DNS are not crypted and can read and modified by every one on the way between user and server on internet. Ok, some people will mean, what to the hell is importand the NTP.

You can check easy what will happen if you chnage the time on your pc pe. two years in future and after than try to access a https website or tra to use a VPN connection. You will see, all certificate based funktions will stopp to work. Thats why NTP should secured too.

How to fix this by normal user on GL.iNet Open WRT Image for AR300M NAND ?

Here is guide to dns over tls on gl’s device.

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THX for the guide. A its looks like this is possible primary for programmer, not for normal user of gl.iNet router.

I will be happy to use this on my 3 GL router by webinterface. One of my friends with one GL router, mean the same.


But now it doesn’t support on GL’s webinterface. We will add DNS crypted in the future.

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Thanks for your answer. Secured DNS and NTP, able to configure by webinterface by normal customer, will be a great future.


If its more easy to provide DNS over TLS, that will be much better than not secured DNS like on this time. See the follow description for activate DNS over TLS on Open WRT gl-inet devices.

A integration of DNS over TLS for non programmer will be great and secure the DNS of gl-inet user.