How to use custom/encrypted NextDNS on Flint2

Are the only ways to use my custom/encrypted NextDNS set up on my Flint 2 currently:

  • waiting for custom DNS to be added
  • installing the NextDNS CLI somehow
  • using LuCi (don't even know what that is really lol)
  • setting it as an upstream server in AdGuard Home

Ideally I just want to just the GL UI (or AGH UI less ideally) and not have to do any command line or router/network wizardry.

Manual DNS

Or if you are using encrypted DNS / want more DNS control then use adguard home and just add your DNS to the upstream DNS inside adguard home settings page.


Ideally custom encrypted DNS would be natively supported (I know it is coming eventually) but if I have sadly use AGH in the mean time, what do I set these settings to?

I will check out AGH's docs too but I wanted to ask here too.

What the f is a Bootstrap DNS server? :melting_face:

Thanks for responding.

Definitely using encrypted DNS. I guess I will have use AGH for now sadly.

We really need custom encrypted DNS in the GL UI!

Isn't NextDNS there already?
DNS over TLS is encrypted DNS, no?

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Thanks for responding.

Yes DoT is encrypted DNS, I was meaning DoH, I should have specified that in the post. Ideally I want to use DoH.

NextDNS is in the DoH server list but no has info on what server it is using and I cannot add my custom ID like I just learned I can with DoT.

I will use DoT with my NextDNS ID until custom DoH is added.

DoH for NextDNS is there also.

But I can't add my NextDNS ID. That is just the basic NextDNS DoH server (I assume). I want to use my custom NextDNS set up like I can with DoH.

And @yuxin.zou just shared this - so custom DNS is coming.