How to use SD card as main storage in gl inet Mifi

I tried following the link below but it didn’t work.

I currently have a 128gb sd card mounted
I want to change the main repository to sdcard.

I would like to get some advice on this.

I actually have the same problem with the X750v2 Spitz, not enough plug-in storage…

So I’m also very interested to understand if I can use the SDcard for my plug-in storage.

One question I have that may also be of interest to you is the risk of using the SDcard as storage.
If the SDcard gets corrupted, will the device than still function? Or will it brick as it then looses it’s main storage?
Just want to understand, as there always is a risk that a SDcard or USB stick gets corrupted and surely don’t want to brick the router if that happens…

Any idea ???

As far as I know, only the OS is installed in the memory, and only the plugin installation can be registered with the SD card.

Even if the SD card is unmounted, there will be no problem as the OS and basic functions are stored in the internal storage.

What I want is a way to check the storage capacity and automatically save to SD card when installing additional individual installation packages.

In the storage of Luci or Mifi, only the main storage is displayed, and the capacity of the SD card is not displayed.

Can you refer to this one:

Exroot should not be difficult

install block-mount and setup via luci, system > mount point

Thanks. i’m check and install it.

I got a very nice answer and guide in my thread:

So you can use this to setup…

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