Inconsistent Product Firmware

I own an AR300M16-EXT, an AR750, a USB150 and a Microuter-N300 which I purchased in the same order as listed. My oldest product, the AR300M16-EXT lists Default and Pre-release Firmware as version 3.104, the AR750 Default firmware version is 3.027 and 3.104 for Pre-released, the USB150 is at version 3.027 and 3.100 and lastly the N300 is at 3.102 for both Default and Pre-release firmware. All these models are still currently being sold. I understand that as a small company that all the firmware cannot be release the same day or maybe even the same month, but the USB150 has not seen a code update for more then 6 months. The N300 is one of your newer products, but it has not been updated to 3.104.

I know that you are a small company, and that you cannot test and update all the shipping product firmware at the same time, but is there anyway you can deliver the same Default Firmware baseline code on all your currently supported products at least once every 6 months? Having different code bases on all my different GL-inet devices is a real pain.

Thanks, Eric

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Hi Eric,

Yes, releasing a firmware is quite a pain.

We will speed up releasing beta firmware, better the same firmware version.