Initiate vpn server connection when vpn client connected

I have a AX1800 running 4.1.0. It has a public IP address connected directly to my modem- passed straight through.

I have the VPN client connected to AirVPN.
I want to use the VPN server function to allow for remote access. I have been using OpenVPN for both connections.

I am using port 52000 for the OpenVPN server connection (assigned by VPN provider). I have this port forwarded with the VPN provider.

When the VPN client is disconnected I am able to successfully connect to the VPN server via my ISP assigned IP address.

When I initiate the VPN client connection, I am unable to connect to the VPN server.

I have tried to connect to the VPN server with both my ISP provided IP, and my VPN static IP, neither work when the VPN client is connected.

I would like to connect to the VPN server with the VPN client active. I would be ok connecting to it via the ISP IP, or the VPN client IP address.

I have be told different things, but I am pretty sure that only Brume 2 has VPN Cascading in the GUI which allows for both a openvpn client and server to be running at the same time. I believe you can have a openvpn client/server or a wireguard client/server, on different protocals running at the sametime.

So you can leave the airVPN client connected and create a wireguard sever, or switch.
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I believe this is coming to all 4.X routers in the next round of updates (4.1.1 or 4.1.2, depending).

I heard a rumor that Brume classic was getting 4.x

So you can’t do it in the GUI but you can do it in LuCi right?

You can do almost anything in cli if you know what you’re doing and the packages exist :slight_smile:

This is called vpn cascading and should be available on 4.1.1

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I do not yet see 4.1.1- is it still coming? or should I go to the snapshot 4.2.0?

Is 4.2.0 relatively stable or should I wait for the stable release for my home router?

Yes. Not the firmware has bump to 4.2

4.2 added some new functions so they may have bugs. But the old functions should work good now.