Install Pfsense on Brume MV-1000?

Love my Brume, it’s my main router (along with a few WiFi 6 AP’s). however, it would be great to add more firewall fine-tuning capabilities to it. Is there a way to install pfsense on this? so it can handle the firewall side of things?

Even though pfsense might be an overkill, would like to know if these two can work together on the GL-MV1000 ?

Just a thought…

Thanks !

The sg1100 and the Brume have the same chipset. I wondered the same thing 6 months ago. There is a Opnsense.img for the espressobin v7, which the Brume and sg1100 used as a mock during production. I just don’t know how to compile it or use it.
Pfsense has not yet released their arm version, so it’s impossible ATM.

Here is my thread: Brume MV1000 - possible to load Opnsense?

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Likely won’t happen - sg1100 has a TPM (trusted platform module) that signs the bootloader and code

brume does not have this

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