Iphone connection sharing

I just received the GL.iNet Mango GL-MT300N-V2 Router.
Is it possible to put the connection sharing of my Iphone to operate my Computer?
Thank you for your answers.

What do you mean to operate your computer ? It is something that you can the Remote Desktop ?

I would like to share the connection from my Iphone to my PC.
When I do a scan it finds it, but it doesn’t want to connect,

Please ensure that the Mango is running firmware 3.105 or above. There was an issue with Apple tethering/sharing that was fixed in this version.

you need to activate tethering. To do it, please read this article ( method number 4)

This is not what I want to do, I just want to be able to share the connection of my Iphone in WI-FI with my PC, without it being connected by a cable.
I can connect it to WI-FI with a modem, why wouldn’t it be possible to do the same with my iPhone?
I noticed, that I can connect to the modem of my access provider, when I connect via the administration panel on the Iphone, it turns, does not connect and the connection from the PC to the admin panel is cut too!

I have the version:
Current version 3.105
Compilation time 2020-12-07 15:30:51
Last update 3.105

From which software version is the iPhone compatible?

Do you mean your mango router must receive internet via personal hotspot from Iphone and share it to another devices (e.g. PC’s,Laptops and so on)? If yes, i just checked this option with my Iphone 7 ( iOS 13.4.1) and my Gli AR300M ( I don’t have Mango). It works perfect.
My AR300M have firmware 3.201 beta 6.

Yes that’s exactly it.
My Iphone 6 + (iOS 12.5.2) Is the IOS 12.5.2 compatible with GL.iNet Mango GL-MT300N-V2

I have tried it with my old iPhone 5(iOS 10.x.x)
It works.
at what step you got a problem ? Can you please make a screenshot?

I connect to Mango


I go to the page and I join


It does not connect and the connection to the PC is cut


Try this one,

See if blue bar iphone blinking, if not try another channel, its work for me

I did all the channels, nothing works

I think you should turn another connected device off from iphone hotspot to make sure you see that blue bar going to blink (it should blink on channel 5/6). If that not help maybe you can see system log on luci

I have no device connected to the iPhone
What should I look at in the system?
Strangely enough, the LEDs are white, not blue or green!

Not the router led but on your phone, that blue bar on top of your iphone screen

you have a problem like this:

  1. You did all of steps correctly, blue status bar on the top of your iPhone say, you have one connection, but…
  2. In your computer on WIFI connections screen I see, that you have unchecked (automatic connection to your MT300N. With each new attempt to connect you Mango to another WIFI network ( in your case to you iPhone), your computer will switch its connection to the trusted network with checkbox (se connecter automatiquement) e.g with your another home router.
  3. Then you try to connect your pc to your Mango again, You scans networks again and you will get step number 2. And so on. Please check it to (se connecter automatiquement) You can uncheck your main router in this menu temporarily, to be sure, that you pc do not switch connection.

4. I thick, you have connection, so you shouldn’t one more try to connect your Mango to your iPhone.
Please be sure, that you are in Mango Network. In Mango’s menu named INTERNET there is an option “Saved networks”. You have to open it and you will see there your saved choose iPhone hotspot. Click ''Join". I have done. Please, be sure again, what you computer didn’t switch your WIFI network to another Router or Device.