Is AdGuard a different version per model

The reason I ask is I have a Flint GL-AX1800 and a Brume GL-MV1000, I just got the Brume out of moth balls updated to the latest firmware and it’s running AdGuard 0.107.22 while the Flint is on 0.107.8 with no upgrade offered in the settings page.

Yes, depending on the latest AdguardHome release.
More info here: GitHub - AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome: Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server
The upgrade functionality has been disabled. You can do the upgrade manually yourself.

Hi are saying that its been disabled for the Flint GL-AX1800 only, can i simply copy the AdGuard directory from the Brume because i can never find the correct version on AdGuard website.

No, the updating feature has been disabled for all Gli-Net routers.
The version you need for you and most of the other gli-net routers is the ARM7 version:
Unpack it, and copy the file with WinSCP to your router. Make sure to stop the AdGuardHome process before. It’s actually pretty simple.

I just clicked the “check for updates” button beside the version number on the settings page and upgraded it to the latest 0.107.22 (Flint firmware 3.214)

The same firmware version provides the same version of adguardhome, but if the router’s firmware version is different, the version of adguardhome will also be different.

Ok brilliant I totally understand and stopping AdGuard is very important I found that out ages ago, I will let you know how I get on thank you for the link

I’ve had this problem before with the Flint but not with the Brume, I put the new AdGuard in its folder as the original but only the files in the uncompressed RAR and AdGuard just won’t start only for a few seconds then stopes and blocked everything, unless you disable AdGuard, so put all the original folder back 0.107.8 still didn’t work, I know if I reset the router it will work again, on the Brume you can do almost anything and it always works, if I click on AdGuards setting page nothing is there like it’s been blocked, so I disabled the VPN and unblock all traffic and it still won’t start, apart from a complete reset any ideas, it should be really simple.

You can check this @Radiocrazy How to upgrade Adguard on the Flint, auto and manual? - #11 by melskie if you want to manually upgrade your AdGuardHome version

Many thanks, for the link i decided to do a complete reset and before i activated AdGuard i replaced all the files from the RAH and then imported the file in the picture config.yaml and started up AdGuard and off it went and setup all my previous setting, and then imported my router backup in LuCI and all fine.
I dint know why AdGuard don’t like a simple upgrade (for me)

A new AdguardHome version was released 2 days ago:

There is on GitHub a manual how to update:

With the command

./AdGuardHome --update

you can update AdGuardHome as well. But you have to SSH into the router first by using putty.exe
I was reading in another post, the reason why AdGuardHome update button was disabled, is because it created many files and consumes memory. That’s why the devs disabled auto update in the GUI.


Many thanks for the post I will try the SSH command when a new version comes out, have you ever had AdGuard completely stop all routing no device wireless or hard wired cant get any DNS requests so no routing and most of the time you can’t even get into the routers GUI I’ve had this as an on going issue, it’s only ever happen since the the latest big update for the GL-AX1800 version 4.1.0 yesterday this happened.

My only eay out was a totally reset of the router copy the new version of AdGuard to my backup and restore my settings, the only thing different I’ve done this time was to install AdGuard as default not move it to a USB drive.

Yes, it happened a couple of times to me, when I install a new firmware version, without starting from scratch with the config.
I would advise not to keep the old settings, but start with a clean device config, and create a backup before flashing, so you can easily revert to the old settings and firmware. Mostly, it was a NAT or port forwarding rule I forgot to implement. I never moved AdGuardHome to a USB drive. This could also create problems, I could imagine.

Once that happens I have to reset the whole router (yes I make a full router backup) so it’s not a great deal, I am trying it now as per normal (no USB install) see if it locks up, also on the old firmware 3xx AdGuard would put in the DNS settings of the internet DNS Server and in the Network setting, but it does not do that anymore except in LuCI in the DNS forwarding

I will repost if it locks up again so far so good but I won’t relax until a good week as passed.

Btw, may i know Brume 2 the adguard home file is it same as Beryl?

AdGuardHome_linux_mipsle_softfloat. tar.gz


I would say yes, as it runs a similar image

AdGuardHome_linux_mipsle_softfloat. tar.gz is the wrong version, in my humble opinion.
You need this one: Release AdGuard Home v0.107.23 · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub

This is for flint and slate ax as well.


But I’m not sure Brume 2 since is similar to Beryl?

I don’t understand your question. Would you like to compare the BRUME2 and Beryl AdGuardHome versions? Or would you like to know, which file to use from GitHub for BRUME2?
As I said earlier, BRUME2 uses the MediaTek CPU, and for this CPU you need AdGuardHome_linux_armv7.tar.gz

Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush: