Is eSIM currently supported on Mudi or any other router?

I have been patiently waiting for updates to Mudi that would allow it to use eSIM.

I did research on this forum and several people have answered different things. Some have said you can already do it using certain software, but staff have said “it can’t be reprogrammed after sale”. I thought a certain firmware update was coming that would enable eSIM. eSIM for Mudi was on the feature requests 2023 list at one point but I see that it’s no longer listed. Though very well hidden, I finally found a reference to eSIM on the product flier (not listed anywhere else), but that was months ago and I can no longer access it due to there being a form you have to fill out, which I couldn’t access due to “access denied” errors.

l have been patient and kind of confused for months now. All I want to know is: is eSIM currently supported on Mudi? Is there any plan for it to be supported in the future? Is it supported natively, in the “standard” way where there is an eSIM chip, or can you only do it using certain software (I heard about And lastly, if it’s not supported and never will be on Mudi, are there any other GL.iNet routers that do support eSIM?

eSIM is important to me because it gives me more freedom and privacy. KYC laws prevent me from purchasing any kind of phone plan privately with a standard SIM. I would expect eSIM to be supported on Mudi due to the attention its had for being particularly security and privacy oriented.

I’m also curious about Puli AX GL-XE3000. If any answers are true for this product, I’d like to know. Thank you.

eSIM is not supported on GL Cellular routers so far, neither Mudi nor Puli AX. We are analyzing the eSIM working process now, including eSIM profile download, clarify whether the router need to do the carrier certification, etc.

To have a good user experience, eSIM requires router to have Bluetooth module to connect with phone, while Mudi and Puli AX don’t have Bluetooth module. In future MIFI product, we will consider to support eSIM.

As the product from can be configured with an Android phone and then used in any device compatible with physical SIMs, wouldn’t this be a workaround?
Of course, setting the eSIM with the GL routers directly, wouldn’t be possible.

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wanna see this development too

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I have no experience with eSIMs, but I can only imagine that using eSIM on the router would be more private than using it directly on the phone. Also, what if I want to use a laptop? Uplink would have to come from the phone. I could connect directly to the phone but that would defeat the purpose of the router.

According to staff, they are working on it, it should be possible. I’m still here waiting eagerly for this development.