Is the Microuter-N300 a dead product?

I own multiple GL iNet routers, with the newest one being a Microuter-N300, and once again, while other products get firmware updates, this product is always left behind. Right now most of the product line has been upgraded to 3.105, but the N300 is still running 3.102, which was released 6 months ago.

The N300 has the same chipset and memory as the Mango, so I do not understand why it is not on the same firmware release schedule. If I had known that this product would not be well supported, I would have spent a few more dollars and bought a Mango.

You can download Beta1 of 3.105 from here:

Nice to see that Beta 1 is available. As the rest of the products have both Beta 2 builds and release builds, any idea on if something later is available, as I would prefer to test on the released version or the latest Beta code, so I don’t trip over known bugs.

Relased now GL.iNet download center

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3.102 is latest

Got it. Let me ask developer to push.

Only the router that stayed on 3.102
Please let it update

Thanks to Eric for this question and GL.iNet Team. I also own a Microuter-N300.
I tried a Beta Firmware 1.05. Unfortunately, the firmware is not stable, I had only acces to the password screen. After entering the password it was a blank screen with loading spinning circle.
I have recovered my N300 on 1.02 with U-Boot. I’m waiting for a stable release now.

Thank you for the report! You have just saved me a bunch of time, as I was thinking of trying the 3.105 beta on my N300 this weekend, as I had not seen any updates on getting a released version of the 3.105 code for the N300.

Your report on the 3.105 beta looks very similar to the issues I reported in this forum with the 3.100 beta code on my N300, where I had to revert to the 3.025 using the debrick method back in January, as all I saw was a spinning circle with the 3.100 beta. You would think that, as this problem has been reported before, it would be tested for basic functionality before releasing it, even as beta. The N300 product does not seem to get very much support from the GL iNet development and test groups. Looks like we are both stuck waiting for a tested, stable release of the N300 code, so it will match the firmware and features available in the rest of the GL iNet routers that are currently being sold.

I want to let the developers know that my N300 has very stable hardware, I just wish it was treated with the same urgency as other GL iNet products in terms of firmware support.

@agent_smith Didn’t explain a few things. When flashing a version with such a large number of changes, was the browser cache cleared? Did you untick save settings when upgrading?

If not, that would explain the endless loading screen. He doesn’t say if he tried flashing the new firmware as well via uBoot, only reverted it.

Hi! My english is not Shakespeare’s language, but I’ll try to explain :slight_smile:
On the first upgrading on Beta 3.105 I didn’t untick save setting and cache was not cleared, but after upgrading I tried to get access with 2 different machines (laptop and pc) with 3 different browsers ( firefox, chrome, edge). Firefox and Edge I used for the first time.
Then I used Uboot to make upgrade with. The result was the same - spinning circle after entering password. Then I used Uboot ones more to recover N300 on the stable 3.102
One more thing, if it helps. Before I made first upgrade I reverted firmware 3.102 as if router was just out of the box.

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@luochongjun @alzhao Seens like the N300 release is not good :frowning:

I just tried 3 upgrade with cache cleared and access with my phone as 3 device. The same problem. Only password’s screen is available. Then comes blank screen with spinning circle. :frowning:

I will push for the update.

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N300 3.105 is here GL.iNet download center


Thank you for releasing the beta 3.105 code for the N300. I look forward to the final release. I was able to load the beta firmware on my N300 using the GUI. I did the upgrade from 3.102 and did it without saving any of my settings. For the function I am using this N300 for, which is as a WireGuard server, it seems to be working fine. I am glad to see it is now running WireGuard version 1.0.20200712. Once the final version of 3.105 firmware is released for the N300, I can now use the 3.105 firmware as the baseline for all my GL iNet routers.

The one surprise was there is no Advanced setting as shown in the screen shot. As this device has 16 MB of flash and 128 MB RAM, I’m not sure why LUCI is not available.

Luci is not installed by default, you can just install it from “Applications → Plugins”. Do Update, find Luci and install.

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Why was LUCI installed by default on my AR750 and my USB150 which I updated to 3.105 code earlier this month, using the same procedure, and was not installed by default on the N300? Is it because this is a snapshot release and not a production release?

N300 wifi driver is not supported in luci I think.

Then the online manual for the N300 should be updated, as the Advanced Menu selection is in the doc:
More Settings - GL.iNet Docs as shown in this screen shot: