Is UPnP Disabled by default?

Hi Guys, I am just looking for some info to confirm that UPnP is disabled on Gl-inet routers by default???
I assume it is, but cant find any doco or a setting in the GUI/LUCI.
Anyone have any info? I am seeing some weird ports trying to be opened by a bit of hardware I have connected.

You can install luci-app-upnp and manage UPnP ports from Luci

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G’day @David, thanks for this. I can’t seem to get the opkg update to run or download anything…

So just to clarify, no UPnP runs unless this package is installed? Sorry I know this sounds stupid…

got it…seems that setting “Custom DNS” in the GL GUI stops opkg and plugins from udpating/installing.

I don’t think so because having uPnP is a security risk because anyone can open ports.