Issue with gl.inet router reverting to DHCP after reboot

Hello everyone,
I recently configured my Opal gl.inet router to connect to a tplink router using a static IP address. I did it using luci openwrt panel.
The setup worked well, and I was able to maintain a continuous connection without any reconnection for over 3 hours. (see Opal Router Connectivity Issue in Repeater Mode for more info to know what problem I face)

However, after rebooting the gl.inet router, I noticed that the WWAN protocol changes back to DHCP, despite not making any changes in the gl.inet admin panel.

This is causing the static IP address to be reverted to DHCP, which is quite inconvenient.
I would like to seek assistance in preventing the gl.inet router from reverting to DHCP after a reboot and keeping the WWAN protocol set to a static IP address. I’m also curious why the gl.inet admin panel doesn’t have the option to connect with a static IP to WiFi.
Any help or insights on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support.

Afaik the start of the gl-services will override some settings made in luci.

Try this:

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Thanks now it doesnt seem to change back to DHCP after reboot

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