Opal Router Connectivity Issue in Repeater Mode

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I am experiencing with my Opal router, which I have been using in repeater mode.
The setup involves connecting the Opal router to my main TP-Link router’s WiFi hotspot and then connecting my desktop to the Opal router’s Ethernet port to access the internet. However, I have been encountering intermittent disconnections from the WiFi, which result in the loss of internet connectivity for a period of time.
Here are some details about the issue:
The disconnections occur even though the WiFi signal is strong, as indicated by the fact that my phone never disconnects from the WiFi network.
I have not installed any VPN on the router.
I have observed that the router’s indicator flashes blue when it reconnects to the WiFi, and it turns white after the internet is working fine.
I would appreciate any guidance or troubleshooting steps you can provide to help resolve this issue. Please let me know if you need any further information from my end.

I use original supplied power adapter, but tried to use also my Xiaomi 18W 5V 3A charger adapter but the router still kept disconnecting from wifi, so it’s not caused by insufficient power adapter.

Firmware version:

Check your vicinity’s congestion.

I dont think its caused by signal issues, my phone never disconnects and I have always five bars on wifi signal icon on phone

I think that its caused by this: Issue with gl.inet router reverting to DHCP after reboot

If that’s the case it’s really recommended to se the Static IP via DHCP Reservation on the Upstream device to assign it to the Opal’s MAC.

I know but I sadly don’t have administrative access to that main tplink router. Why doesn’t have directly gl.inet panel option to connect to WiFi with static ip?

Where do I set feature request to gl.inet? Also what I miss is the option to configure slide button on the router to turn on and off WiFi hotspot, there is only option to manage vpn connection using the button

Join network advanced setting:

I dont see options like that on admin panel for opal

This is all I can do

Apologies; you did say you were on firmware version 3.x. That link I provide is for v 4.x. The current status of v. 4 firmware for the Opal is beta so if you do try it, there may be as yet unresolved bugs… but you could just revert to stable’s v3 if you had to.


Speaking for me and my Opal I can say that v4 is totally fine. Maybe not for all use-cases but for me everything works as I thought.