Kernel 5.4

Is the kernel 5.4 is included in this update

Model: GL-AXT1800 Slate
Version: 4.2.1

Or, we have to manually do for the kernel, i mean separate update


i think that is a mistake and should not be in Beta as next upgrade. Snapeshot is the latest Firmware

My still question is does the firmware update Version: 4.2.1, does the kernel update also automatically ? If yes, why the new kernel info is not included in what changed info document ? I see no mention of new kernel ? We need list of high level engineering stuffs what is updated ?

Cause my android app, caught the new update package, and I did the upgrade via live android app, and it went damn smooth, last time I had to Cary local files , copy there and do the upgrade

No, 4.2.1 doesn’t include kernel 5.4.

4.2.1 is still running on 4.4.60.

If I recall some discussion that happened on the forum a while ago, the issue is that the kernel hasn’t been compiled for the processor in the ATX-1800. Whereas the processor in the Beryl-AX is more “mainstream” and has been compiled already. I don’t know that it’s possible at this point to upgrade to kernel 5.4 at all on the ATX-1800.

Does the kernel upgrade comes in same package as firmware update ? Or we have to do always separate, and the company has no plan to do in one shot, as in firmware update package

Based on the upgrade I just did using a snapshot version for my XE-300, it’s part of the firmware as after verifying the file it had a pop-up window that stated it contained a new kernel and that “keep settings” should be turned off.

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I am bit hesitating to go on by snapshot version, as those nightly build is really risky, i will wait till new firmware pops up and they mention that the new release will also update the kernel as well

I wasn’t suggesting you do. I was just illustrating that the kernel can be updated as part of the normal firmware upgrade.

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Thank you very much, as your message is very clear to me. Will wait. Thx