List of current feature requests 2022

As a Gl.inet user of Mobile/Travel routers (for years now) there are a few features which would be great. [had/still have Slate750 and now have also Slate AX).

#1 Airline WIFI connection Wizard - this is where I struggle the most - the offered WIFI is purchased via the Captcha page on the Plane’s Access Point. The Router (in repeater mode) will connect to the Airlines AP however the page does not Redirect to Login page for strong text and it is stuck.

#1 Reasonings - for security purposes, all access to email accounts and services are via 2-factor authentication which is usually linked to Mobile Phone. The airlines only allow you to connect to ONE device at a time (some will allow you to switch devices - such as United Airlines in the USA). BUT having only one device working at a time prevents you from perform 2-factor authentication. If I open my laptop and Switch to the Wifi on the laptop, now my Mobile is disconnected and it is impossible to authenticate Login via the mobile device.

#1 Continued - You purchase the connection via the Gl.Inet inferface (redirect to Captcha page) and now your router is registered as the primary device. All you personal devices connect to it and you can work your Mobile Phone, Laptop, and any other Wifi device that connects to your router. This also allows you to share your connection with family or those traveling with you. The connection is $8/Flight in the Domestic USA and $30/Flight international. That is almost as much as one pays for a connection per month. You purchased the connection - it is yours to use as you see fit.
I am not suggesting abuse and opening a hotspot to the entire plane, just once you purchase a connection you can access all your devices behind your travel router.

#2 Login Real-Time LOG - this is useful in Repeater Mode - scan for available networks, choose the network you want to connect to, insert passwords or other credentials. If there is a redirect, capture that in a log as well. Once the connection is successful - redirect back to Gl.Inet Page on the Mobile App, show connection successful status, show collected LOG file and allow it to be exported (saved a txt file) for debugging purposes or to send to developers.

#2 Continued - First connection to any new network seems always to be a challenge - especially in Hotels, Airlines, Cafes or any place that re-directs you to a login page.
If you try and for whatever reason fail, allow a LOG to be collected and send it to the developers or willing community to identify the problem. Sometimes it can be a super easy fix.


An outstanding feature would be to have the ability to toggle VPN on/off on a set schedule. For example, weekdays from 9-6 I must manually turn off the WireGuard VPN client because I am on Zoom video meetings most of the day and the VPN service I use can randomly be slow and unstable. So, after 6 I manually log in and turn on the VPN client for my GL-MT2500.


Hi, Im new here and i dont know if this is already suggested… SQM with cake-autorate…

thank you.


Want to know if mudi is able to be powered by type c with the built in battery unplugged , I tried mine but can’t be powered

I do hope your next router with built in battery can still work with other power source with the battery disconnected for whatever intentions

any guide for manual installation and setting up on a glinet router ?

A great feature would be a toggle switch at the top of the main menu for “VPN On/Off”, to easily the use to switch off/on the active or default VPN client (instead of having to navigate to the VPN Dashboard).
Also, good would be if you allow the user to tab to the “VPN On/Off” switch, so that we can set up a simple automation/hotkeys to log in and toggle on/off the VPN.

Where do you find the ‘main menu’?
When I am connected to any GL-Inet router and enter the admin page (, there is a little shield with the text ‘VPN’.
With this icon I am able to switch VPN on and off. If no configuration is available, I come to the VPN page to set up.

Sorry, I really don’t know how to make a Screenshot on my new phone.

I think you may be using a different version, but here’s the main menu I see immediately when I log in:

Yes, this is exactly the View. And the light green VPN shield below the model (Text GL-MT2500) should be a button to enable/disable VPN.

But I don’t own a MT-2500. Maybe it is different here or a bug in latest firmware? All I can say: It is there from FW 3 to 4.1 … At the Beryl, Slate AX and Slate Plus.

I see the VPN shield button you mention, but there is nothing below it. When you click the VPN shield, it takes you to the VPN Dashboard screen, where you can disable the VPN.

I think the firmware version I am using is not the same as the one you are using… I am using a beta version of 4.2, so maybe there is a problem with the 4.2 beta version firmware…

This is the same behaviour on 2 different routers that are running Firmware 4.0.0 and Firmware 4.2.0. All the Admin Panel buttons on the web UI take you to to the screens of different functions.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet.

Thank you @wcs2228 for clarifying…
Hopefully in the future a toggle switch would be added to the main menu for “VPN On/Off”, would be a very useful feature indeed…

Admin screen data should display the following (similar to LUCI)

  1. add description of packages
  2. add number of packages to drop down filter

Please see screen prints, below, to clarify the above 2 points:

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Possibility to show all connected clients, not only those from LAN and GUEST, but also those connected through other VLANs and different DHCP, on the Clients page of the GL.iNet Admin UI, as can be seen in LuCI.

The image is from AR750S firmware v.3.2xx but 4.2xx doesn’t show the vlan connected devices either in UI.

Thank you


Hello, my pull of request is:
Add menu in Applications/Plug-ins to change storage from inbox (50megs)memory to usb storage.

Please implement a feature similar to ExpressVPNs’ Aircove Router; the ability to have multiple VPN client tunnels and assign vlans/devices/wifi to a VPN connection. I really like the hardware and software you offer, this would really polish off your VPN implementation and accomplish something that would put your products far ahead of competitors.

2023 feature requests thread needed, as this is for 2022.

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That is great feature. But pls not it is also very difficult to make it work right and stable. ExpressVPN focused on this so they are doing it great! Pls also note their firmware is lack of some other basic features .

Hello, pls add more future to smb client setting, like chose support smb v1/2/3 and etc setting.
And add more setting to ftp server: add users, change ftp to sftp and other vsftp stuff.

I try add all of it by packages via luci, but it’s has lot of issues and don’t work at all.

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I’ve achieved all of this functionality of per device/wifi with vanilla openwrt using ovpn and wireguard simultaneously with vpn-policy-routing. Not for the faint of heart, time restrained or newbie.

Solution: The time you will burn setting this up as opposed to buying another router from GLI and assign each one to it’s own vpn connection and unique ssid/frequency along with:
-no single point of failure
-increased processing power for more users
-way way easier setup and trouble shooting

I have posted this same point of view in the past here and still stand by it. No I don’t work for GLI


Do you think that this feature will be available at some point? You mentioned in another post that this was already in the scheduled of devs. This would be such an improvement…

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