List of current feature requests 2022

Is it possible to add “mesh via ethernet” for routers with mesh supporting link 1 and link 2

hardware side: glinet router usually 2x2:2 for each band, why not go for 3x3 or 4x4 or is it not much difference?

For GL-MT1300 Beryl, add an on router simple browser or/and optimise passthrough to client device for when a hotel WiFi hotspot captive portal is used when I’m using Beryl as a travel router (current implementation is very problematic for me, even with DNS rebind option disabled).

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I agree. Parental control with device clustering would be nice, so I could cluster the kids devices together and block certain sites but allow access to YouTube for myself.

Can you please create a, it would be much user friendlier to report bugs and requests

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Thanks for the suggestion. Looking into it.

I second this. I’ve been in more than a dozen hotels in six weeks, and in each one using a separate device to log in to the hotel, and then cloning the Mac is an overall pain. Further, when using an ethernet wire, it’s even more difficult.

In addition, a bare bones browser that doesn’t block sites and code makes it much easier to troubleshoot. (current mainstream browsers may be good for keeping an idiot “safe” but are terrible for troubleshooting an issue.

Is it possible that instead of having to choose between Mac Address and Domain/IP, they could all work together on VPN Policy Rules?


You can choose only one, not both. Otherwise it is too complicated to understand.

For example, if you set your desktop to use vpn while set not using vpn, when you access on your desktop, should it go via vpn or not?

There is 32 combinations and really cannot be usable.

Add DoH, DoT, and DoQ blocking (Override DNS Settings for All Clients)

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Please add CIFS kernel support to GL-MV1000 ubuntu image. It would make this little box so much more flexible in a mixed eco system. Love this thing!

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OK. I understand.
I thought it could be done some priority system or something to be able to combine the two policies.

Thank you.

So it’s either mac or domain?

Yes you are right. .

What about band steering? Almost all gl.Inet devices have 2 frequencies (2.4 and 5), wouldn’t make sense to try and automatically steer the traffic?


Hi there, thanks for providing such brilliant devices! I’m enjoying my Slate and Flint and can’t wait to get my hands on the Opal.

It’s been mentioned several times above already, but one more time:

Can we please get the option to add our own custom DoH/DoT settings via the UI? Cloudflare and NextDNS are major options for encrypted DNS. However, they simply do not cover many use cases, from geo-blocking circumvention to additional privacy options.

It would also be great if we could use IPv6 custom DNS, but this is may be more of a fringe request (for now).

Thank you.



Would it be possible to add the option to see the last time (day / hour) in which a device has connected to the router on the Clients page?
Thank you.

Last seen device HERE in this page.

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It would be nice to add a Wifi country setting page to the UI and maybe to the setup wizard.
You even could tie it to the timezone settings and allow manual change if it needs to be different to timezone region.
This is to apply the Wifi channel rules of different regions without needing Luci or shell.

This would avoid that people like me search for unspecific random connection problems for months then to find out later that the default setting of the travel router does not support all WiFi channels of the main router in my country.

Here in Germany the most used router is AVM FritzBox, by default it uses channel 1-13 for 2.4 band and a feature named “automatic channel selection” which runs every few days to switch to the least used channel.
This leads the Mango to have unspecific connection problems every time the main router changes to channel 12 or 13 because those channels are off in default region setting (US).


Unfortunately this may violate the certification. We would like to find a smarter way to do this.

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As example

Mikrotik and Keenetic have this option and they sell well