List of current feature requests 2022

Can you give a screenshot if you have these models at hand?

How have you been able to get your GL.iNet to automatically scan for channels 12 & 13 on 2.4GHz? I have tried changing the region as per this post: How do I change my country code on the GL-MT1300 to region “1” by modifying /etc/config/wireless directly but I am still unable to get the router to show anything other than channels 1-11.

You are talking about this option?

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. Will put this in reference.

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I did it from terminal as stated here for the GL-MT GL-MT300N-V2.
Not sure if that works for other routers.
@alzhao is there a similar way for other routers?

uci set‘DE’
uci set wireless.mt7628.region=‘1’
uci commit wireless

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Thanks. Already tried this but unfortunately doesn’t work on Beryl.

No requests for features from me. Better to spend the limited resources to fix and respond to all the problems reported in this forum.

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SMB sharing is crap, please add NFS4 sharing in the GL-inet UI.

SFTP is bad for you? SFTP work out of the box

I have an Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster and I use NFS as storage provider, currently from a different raspberry pi.
I would like to connect my USB3 raid SSD drive to my GL inet router and provide the storage from there using native NFS.
Which would be much better as I only have UNIX/Linux systems in my house.

SFTP and SMB does not work for me, there not good protocols.

" -that is not too important- " It would be a pretty big deal for us!!
Captive Portal Interface Selection +1

Would it be possible to have a speed limitation on the guess network, I appreciate this can be done at the moment by I.P. Address but you have to wait for the I.P. Address to appear before you can limit it.

Hope you can find a way round the Wi-Fi channel limitation as the GL-AX1800 is so limited at present it don’t actually cover all the legal channels in the UK, but hopefully using LuCI when updated that problem will be sorted.

I thought this can already be done in LuCI through Network → Wireless → Add → Advanced Settings?

Hi yes there are more channels on the 0n 5.8gHz but sadly not on 2.4gHz

UK Channels go up to 13, Japan 14
This should change with the upgrade of LuCI

Is this with country code already changed to “UK” or “00”?

It seems you do not have an “Advanced Settings” on your router model.
So you are correct about need to update LuCI. Which LuCI version do you have?

No country option as LuCI too old
OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 a828782+r49254 / LuCI Master (git-20.353.27956-6404588)
this i going to be updated this is a GL-AX1800

@Radiocrazy just select one of the channels recommended for 2.4Ghz band; 1,6 or 11.

WiFi channels 2.4Ghz

The discussion is the limited channels, should go up to channel 13

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This is most likely to get updated when underlying Linux will be updated to the newer version…