List of current feature requests 2023

You’re right; that would be very beneficial for remote access. I could see myself spinning up my home server while away. I’m sold.

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is it possible to add the option of fast roaming/transition in gl.inet gui - wifi section? it will be handy to have the option here for the ones using a 2nd/3rd router(s) as WAP(s) in order to get fast roaming/transition enabled quickly instead of digging through LUCI in order to get it working

i am suggesting it can be placed here somewhere:


Thanks for the detailed and transparent feature list. It is really helpful to know what to expect in future. I really appreciate it.

I would like to request VPN Kill Switch feature in v4.x just like we have it in v3.x firmware.

Firmware v4.x does have the “Block Non-VPN” switch which is a global setting and it does not respect VPN policies. E.g. if I enable “Block Non-VPN”, and exclude a device from VPN in Policy then I won’t have internet on this device which I specifically excluded from VPN.

Another way of looking at it would be if Block Non-VPN is turned off and a device only allowed to use VPN from the policies then it shouldn’t have internet when VPN breaks.

My use case: I use 2 AX-1800 Flint and one GL-E750 Mudi routers. I connect 3 systems to the same router, 2 using VPNs and third one bypassing VPN. If vpn connection is broken, I expect 2 systems using VPN shouldn’t have internet but my 3rd non vpn system should.




Hi. First, thank you for a well-designed product and decent support and documentation. I am a user of Opal in a Camper Van. The Opal product is very close to being a very functional travel router/repeater. There are four features that would compel every camper van traveler to own one of your devices:

  1. Somewhat higher-gain antennas
  2. Ease of dealing with captive portal logins that require acknowledging of rules, without requiring a user name or a password
  3. Low cost
  4. Ability to provide a loca mobilel ‘WiFi hot spot’ by using a cellular SIM card.

Best regards.

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I’m guessing you need to buy a cellular router? Such as

The first two points have absolutely hit the nail on the head and would make these things unrivalled as travel routers but these vital features have yet to be realised despite so many requests for the same over the years.

Feature Request: multiple VPN tunnels simultaneously and dynamic routing (OSPF)

It would be perfect if there could be more than one active Wiregurad connection at the same time and OSPF implementation for dynamic routing between the VPN connections.

I have two VPN routers at home and configured two Wireguard connections on my Slate AX which I have to switch over manually in case on VPN router is down. Additionally, I have installed and configured OSPF to automatically adjust the routes beween both VPN connections.

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Hi @yuxin.zou, thanks for the reply. You have not addressed the first two items of my list. A comparison chart for the features and capabilities of the GL-iNet devices would be a very useful tool as well for more informed decision making before puchasing.

Please, remember to support port ranges in firewall. GL-MT3000 firewall port range

It says 160 Mhz support since 4.2 but on Flint I only see 80 Mhz 0n stable 4.2.3? Maybe not supported on this model.

Flint has a number of problems with wifi on the current release.
In no particular order:

  • My flint came from the EU store with wireless region set to US very recently
  • It’s not possible to change the wireless region in the gl.inet gui, only through luci
  • Even after you change the region in luci, you still cannot pick DFS channels in the gl.inet gui, only in luci
  • And even after you succesfully set you region, and set a DFS channel in luci, after a radar scan happens and the device moves to channel 36 (i can see it in the logs), it will not move back to the DFS channel originally set, it will be at channel 36 until a reboot.

Kinda disappointing to be honest, for a device thats been on the market for almost 2 years now. I expect it to be rock stable, not this.


I suggest that you send a support request via email

We have been trying to optimize the captive portal authentication scenarios in hotels. However, we cannot guarantee to cover all scenarios.

Did you run into any problems regarding the antenna? Does the device’s Wi-Fi not cover your room?

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Just did that, thanks!

is there any desire to add GUI support for more than one Modem connected via USB? I come from an OpenWRT use where we could set up mwan3 to allow for multiple USB attached modems. either by using the internal modem (depending on model) or using a USB3 hub to attach multiple modems to a single router.

the3.2.3 firmware GUI shows load balancing for 2 modems, so it looks like it might be on the roadmap???

using my spitxAX as a test the dmesg shows a different HW path when using a hub:

[11699.964365] qmi_wwan 1-1:1.4: QuectelEC25&EC21&EG91&EG95&EG06&EP06&EM06&BG96&AG35 work on RawIP mode

Not working port 1:
[11657.211958] qmi_wwan 1-1.1:1.4: QuectelEC25&EC21&EG91&EG95&EG06&EP06&EM06&BG96&AG35 work on RawIP mode

having multiple LTE/5G carriers is really a benefit when traveling. would hate to lose the possibility.

Glad to hear that negotiating the blooming captive portals is finally starting to possibly be getting some long awaited attention…

Request: Total bandwidth stats, and real time down/upload speed
I know you guys plan to add more statistics charts for routers, especially AX1800 in the future. However, it’s just amazing if you update the total bandwidth stats (total download/upload), and real time down/upload speed of the all clients (not per device) at the first glance of the UI.
I see there many remaning spaces to do so

Yes, and the UI on Android/IOS version too. I think it’s not difficult to implement this kind of stats on current UI, but it’s necessary to monitor the health of the Internet.

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