List of current feature requests 2023

I would like Adguard Home updated on 4.6.0


Hi, any chance/perspective for adding this feature? Thanks a lot

I would like to see the live traffic usage of my network on a chart on the “Internet” tab of the router, it is useful having that info like some Asus routers, and also on the glinet app would be nice to have that info on the main page, download and upload speeds
And most important, an upgraded version of Tailscale and AdGuard Home


We really need network information like that, wan bandwidth graph and also devices bandwidth graph.

We also need flow tacking, so I can see where my kids go.

I feel like that’s a sore spot for glinet routers, no network info.

You need a UTM firewall, not a router.

I have Firewalla but it should be possible with OpenWRT using netify + storing data to SD card.

install netflow packages. Here is a guide on howto:

What do you mean by this?! You already have the traffic stats in the Clients tab.

What is a WAN graph?

To see how much WAN traffic was produced and how the bandwidth was used during the day.

This is a good feature for tracking monthly usage for people who have limited data plans since not all modems offers this kind of info. Also yes there are packages like this available in Openwrt but the graph looks old and would be better if it was directly embedded with GL inets own GUI

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I appreciate we are probably close to the 2024 announcement but just wanted to add in my two cents.

  1. +1 for multiple WG VPN clients active
  2. Being able to set multiple subnets and assign them to different ports on the router instead of the current bridge set up
  3. Carrying on from the above i would like to be able to use VLANS

The easiest way i have found to acheive this so far has been to use a beryl after my main flint2 to separate out a subnet, route through a different VPN and keep separate to my main network. but this is messy and stops me using my beryl while travelling.

I think this is all possible with the luci interface but, to me at least, it isn’t clear.


It is, but heading that way generally breaks a lot when then still using the GLiNet gui. On stock OpenWRT on my travelrouter I happen to have 4 different networks and SSIDs. One normal one, second is Wireguard VPN to my home country, third is wireguard VPN to the destination country, fourth is OpenVPN (tap) to my home router.

Doing all that requires setting up a bridge device for each, ssid for each, firewall zones, VPN connections for each and plenty of configuration of mwan3 to actually route all that! It is very much doable, but even knowing how-to it easily take me more than 1 hour!


Which is a shame for such a great gui!

My understanding is that the guest network is a vlan (VPN dashboard > Modify Proxy Mode > Based on the VLAN ) and extending that functionality would be amazing/my ‘little technical knowledge’ suggestion

Thanks for responding


please add Dual PPoE / Russian PPoE
link: Dual PPOE / Russian PPOE?


I hope they add this

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