List of current feature requests 2023

Smh, if you readed my first post:

basicly i’m only requesting support for the controld resolver :slight_smile: , and if they consider they can consider adding the deamon, i mean more in a future update if they got much more time on their hands to add things.

The resolver only needs to run on stubby the same like nextdns does👍, so i do not see a reason why it not can be added.

Is it only for using another encrypted DNS server instead of Cloudflare or NextDNS? Because I am sure that I saw the values for those DNS servers within uci show stubby.@resolver so you could change it already?

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For me i do not see them through the gl ui only cloudflare and nextdns as option, i wish to see there controld aswell :slight_smile:

But indeed one can easily set it up there :+1:

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Turn off adguard home and turn on classic dns in router then select Cloudflare with Encrypt

GL should really just make it a textbox for an option the same way Android allows user strings for System DNS → DoT but for DoT, DoH, oDoH. It’s not like it’s worth it to maintain a custom list when there’s more than a handful to worry about maintaining.


Is it possible to also integrate these cellular features: Signal Tower Lock & Historical Signal Record, on your routers such as Flint 2 that can support USB modems? I find the options very lacking with the current features being implemented on devices that are not modem+router combo such as Flint 2. I think that these 2 features are possible to implemented since they still rely on AT commands. Thank you!

Edit: I realized that this could not be easily implemented since we can use any modem modules and the commands may vary. However, can your team at least enable these features for modules that were used on the modem+router devices GL inet released such as RM520NGL? You may add options or toggles so that the user can manually enable the features if their module is supported. Thank you again.

We really need a vlan page. That would be wonderful :blush:


Consolidating DHCP reservations into Clients would be far more efficient than 4.4.6-r1’s requirement to jump to a different page. It should also account for VLANs, ideally.

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As there are so many feature requests for 2023 onwards, I wanted to throw in a couple more…

Android / IOS app / webpage - Summary on main page of current Internet throughput from the router. A graph would be great too, but just a summary, so at a glance, when you want to check throughput / wonder why internet is ‘slow’ / ‘unresponsive’, it can show you straight away.

Android / IOS app / webpage - Current throughput ordered by clients. I realise this can be done, but it’s not easy to do…

To sum up, I think it would be very useful for the majority of users, to see the above information first, rather than the list of clients and the WiFI / Internet config…

Maybe clicking on the Internet, will show you Internet throughput. Click on WiFi will show throughout for that frequency…

Pressing ‘Online’ on the App, could be a useful shortcut to show these current stats and make your product even better :slight_smile:

I am using my a DNS A record for my Flint 2 router with public IPv4 address. I also use wireguard as a server on the same Flint 2.

I would like to generate the client configuration with my DNS A record, which is set statically to the router. There is an DDNS option, so … it could be an alternative option to DDNS.

Still not possible to have a version of OpenWrt on the Opal that’s not 3 years old? 18.06 is old.

You & I both know that SDK is just about ready to wheeze its death rattle. Sell it on to someone & get yerself a Slate Plus or better yet, Slate AX. :wink:

Yeah you’re right, but one can dream :joy:

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Another feature request would be to allow selecting of the schedule for the Parental Control app using the mouse to highlight the column for each day, so you don’t have to choose the times using the current method. Handy for when you need multiple schedules for devices.

Also, a summary page of the collection / devices and schedules associated with them.


Would recommend the GL inet admin page, under the system section has an additional page, for submitting bug reports. User selects what information to upload and it’s sent to Gl-inet site / devs securely with a hyperlink provided. User can discuss the issue in the this forum and provide the link so the forum admin has all the technical details the need. Could certainly help with the Flint 2 bugs forum posts.

Finish requests 2023 and well done for hard work.
Let see new list for 2024


Please allow for a method to span guest vlan and normal vlan over multiple routers. I now do it with vlans but as said in some posts, only clients from 1 vlan show up in the clients tab (apart from the hassle).
Being able to enable this in Mesh would be even better.

Yup agree! I’ve got a few requests from 2023, some that are over 6 months old that don’t appear on either planned / not planned, which I aim to post to the new list, when it is up.

Please I would like a 100% working Flint 2. Thanks.


After all, to be a top of the line gl-inet, everything has to go well

It is still not a way in which a non software engineer can do :slight_smile: Like, in the UI.