List of current feature requests 2023

Ine feature I would find useful is a status on the internet connection when failover or load balancing is being used. On the Internet page, put some sort of indicator as to which internet connection(s) is currently connected.


When making a Wireguard Client the configuration file has no public/private key.

I connect to my own Wireguard Server on my OPNSense firewall. If I use the Mac Client or the Windows client when I made a configuration file it has a key-pair. The GL.iNet configuration is just 100% blank.

I had to make a client configuration in the Mac OS WireGuard client and cut and paste it into GL.inet. It worked. Wasn’t that difficult but a manual entry config file with a private and public key ready to go would be awesome.


Being able to expand the device storage space by using a microSD card to extend the internal memory and features of the device, like network storage on the MT1300 fw4… Or am I just being daft?

quando esce la versione 4.5.0 stabile?

Hello, is possible to select a custom tailscale server? I have everything set up on headscale but how can I use this on the glinet router?

Can we get support for Mullvad Exit Nodes in Tailscale? I’m using the Slate AX but can’t get it to work at all, I believe this may be because the Tailscale version being used on the router (1.32.2-1) seems to be pretty far behind the official version (1.48.2)

I hope there is no double post for this.
I would like the router name to be on the main page of the web administration page. Some people had to manage many routers. The name can also appear in browser tabs (Chrome, Edge, you name it…) as it appears in Luci.
See the image below.
Thank you.


Maybe even display an icon that looks like your device while you are at it as well! My Brume 2 does not have antennas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have problems with the icon on AR750S Slate and AR750 Creta, I feel sorry for you.:sunglasses:

Sorry for the heads up about this but adding a field to type in the tailscale control server would be something very easy to implement, as of today I have to use headscale + goodcloud and is something ridiculous in my opinion

Please consider a function to monitor WAN link data usage, and provide a way to set/monitor/reset/block data usage to avoid data cap overages.
The feature has been detailed here:


+1 for this feature request!

Please why not add feature to obfuscate openVPN/wireguard somehow.