List of current feature requests 2023

Correct. I run my own Wireguard endpoints, so I would be installing it there :slight_smile:

I could swear I read an article recently about some small VPN provider testing obfs4proxy though…

All I want is working Upnp like we have on firmware 3.x. After that upnp does not works behind NAT, so iI use X-WRT firmware since it has a patch to get upnp working again.

Full cone nat will be good too.

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Feature Request

Please add a network mode for a Wi-Fi bridge. It would be helpful to be able to directly connect a Wi-Fi network to a remote wired network without the firewall.


Full Cone NAT has been added to the 4.5 firmware.


+1 for a working UPNP, it will be great for gaming and torrent


If I understand your WiFi Bridge network mode feature request correctly, you should be able to use Extender network mode and just disable the router’s WLAN, so only the LAN ports are enabled.

Correct. Unfortunately in the extend mode it appears to only use the 2.4ghz for the connection, saving the 5ghz for clients. If you could choose which band makes the connection, that would work too but might be potentially confusing.

This is a real bummer since there is no option for the device to automatically turn off when in idle. So if this is connected to a vehicle, once the vehicle shuts off you have to manually turn off the device. NO OTHER hotspot does this! They all turn off automatically when on battery, or in the case where they have no battery, obviously turn off on their own when the charging cable is removed. This should be a standard.

The ability to run devices in mesh mode would be huge.
Multiple guest wifis or regular SSIDs in general would also be good too.
Ability to set your own wireguard DDNS domain name.

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We need a solution to get around CGNAT on spitzAX like dual vpn client so we can set access point via one vpn

The ability to input a backup Tailscale “custom exit node” for failover purposes.

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Wow, I did not seen that list for 2023. A lot of features. Good job gl-inet staffs!

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would be nice to have option to run multiple wireguard client instances at the same time (i.e. one to my vpn provider for general internet access and other to my office for business files access)


The current builds connect to when in the GL GUI. This is a security leak that doesn’t need to exist. Simply blocking the domain name via AdGuard or other means the inablility to manually download the latest firmware directly fr the GL web site. User should have option to toggle a switch within GL GUI → System → Upgrade to be notified of new releases. See:


Update Adguard to latest build to ensure latest CVEs are present from AG Home releases. I’m sure many people buy your hardware due to the bundled Adguard Home. Have manually updated to latest version with no issues.

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Would be great but only new hardwares Routers. Old router will not support because no enoght memory or storage.


I also got a feature request for the encrypted dns :grin:

Please add controld to the resolvers and maybe in the future you could consider using their original daemon and add more support to it in the UI.

It seems their daemon can also use nextdns with client reporting thats something really cool :+1:, though i understand for this it would be a much bigger task to implement but i think something like this can be worth it, their proxy thing is also very interesting.

Currently haven’t tested this proxy but i’m considering to use it, since mullvad often get strange blocks by akamai and amazon aws its sometimes hard to figure that type of blocks out :slight_smile:

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Everything your requested is same Adguard Home. Just add filters what you want and add upstream dns what you want.

Your links is not free and heavy stuff things…
Rethink filter - a lot of lists
Oisd filter - a lot of lists

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I disagree, one doesn’t want adguardhome to be installed :slight_smile:

If it is heavy it would be adguardhome including their web server, ctrld is most part externally their deamon probably not since it ships their own dns software however it looks almost the same like the normal nextdns cli package.

It only adds a small dns server / resolver, and not a full webserver + ui.

The lists are not locally parsed.

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For example not planned.

If you dont want adguard home then make your own dns resolver server such like rasbeprry pi or NAS or mini server then itself router make different IP dns server in DHCP (LAN network).

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