List of EOL devices 2022

Can gl.inet please provide a list of the models that are going to be declared as EOL?

I have many Mangos, Slates, Cretas, … that I am using, and I would like to know what their support-status will be regarding firmware & security updates. I alswo wonder which ones will get the 4.x firmware to use (since 4.x solves a bunch of old GUI-issues, like Mulvad-configuration etc).

Maybe @alzhao you have this information?
Thanks in advance.

PS: and what to do with EOL-devices? Are they just food for the piling up world-garbage-tower?

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Slate (GL-AR750S) and Creta (GL-AR750) will be discontinued later this year because of the shortage of chips. Slate Plus (GL-A1300) is the replacement for these two if you prefer Qualcomm chipset.


i did find this but still not a comprehensive list.

I don’t have concrete answers for other models at the moment. Generally speaking, if the model is popular and we are not short of chips, it will not be discontinued.

yeah, that makes sense.

and on the flip side,
i will miss the USB150 microrouter, so cute, so functional :wink:

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Does „discontinued“ also mean, that possible security-flaws in these models will not be patched anymore? So we basically must trash them?

If there are stock OpenWRT-builds available, you could switch to that and keep it secure that way. So trashing them might not be needed in that case. I am also interested if discontinued devices will still get GL.iNet firmware builds.

EOL means the product is not going to sell.

The firmware support will go at least for one more year.

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@alzhal: Per this previous post, your company used to commit to 2 years of support after EOL notice. Have you changed this to only committing to 1 year, as I’m not sure what exactly you mean by: The firmware support will go at least for one more year.

Can you please comment on which products are going to get 4.x, and which products are going to be left to die? I own several products that have been or it looks like they will be EOL this year, and I would really like know if they will get 4.x.

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Which chip is in the Beryl? I’m guessing the Qualcomm chips will be better supported? I just bought a Beryl but it sounds like I need to switch to a Slate Plus.

Beryl uses MT7621A @880MHz. GL-A1300 uses IPQ4018, Quad Core@710Mhz. You can learn more about the upcoming GL-A1300 to decide which is better for your user case: GL-A1300 / Slate Plus - GL.iNet

@panpan: Looking at the memory and storage specifications for both the original Slate (AR750s) and the Slate Plus (A1300), I noticed that the new model has twice the RAM memory, the same amount of NAND Flash, but only 1/4 the amount of NOR Flash. Is this correct? With only 4MB of NOR Flash I do not think it will be possible to load OpenWRT into NOR, so we really will only have NAND Flash to work with.

AR750s :  DDR2  128MB / NOR Flash 16MB + NAND Flash 128MB
A1300  :  DDR3L 256MB / NOR Flash 4MB  + NAND Flash 128MB

You are right.

Actually for AR750s we only have Nand firmware.

16MB nor flash is seldom used.