List of features and fixed bugs by firmware version

New Year, new idea for improvements:

  • list of changings on different firmware versions like fixed bugs or new features will be a good idea

See releated on glinet bug tracker:

A part of this information about last changings can find on:

A full list are unknown.

Give us some time to improve.

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Reuse of existing bugtracker, can be a good idea too.

The bugtracker doesn’t seem to be working. Please fix.

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Bug tracker is taken down. Not user friendly.

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User friendliness and the loss of weeks of free product testing are one thing. But do you think that not following up bugs and suggestions for improvement improves the quality of the product?

But we are following up bugs and suggestions. We following forum and emails. Cannot support too many channels.

Surely the Bugtracker has been created by yourself or has a stranger installed it on your server ?

Whatever. Did you take over all the bug reports and suggestions for improvement or is the work of the volunteers for free and lost ?

The follow are a sample how other do a changelog: