List of Gl.Inet routers and EasyTether compatability?

Is there a current list of the Gl.Inet routers that successfully work with EasyTether drivers? And for those that do work, the specific ET driver (based on router CPU)?

Thank you

Routers support Easytether in the stock firmware. Pls upgrade to 3.203 and later and use easytether for openwrt 1907, non-ssl.

  • AR150, AR300M, AR750, AR750s (ath79)
  • MT300N-V2, MT1300 (ramips/mt76x8)
  • MiFi, X750, XE300, E750 (ath79)
  • MV1000 (mvebu/cortexa53)

Routers support Easytether if flash OpenWrt vanilla firmware, not the default firmware

  • B1300, S1300, AP1300 (ipq40xx/arm_cortex-a7_neon-fvpv4)

Router does not support Easytethering, and it seems will never support

  • AX1800, AXT1800
  • SF1200, SFT1200
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This is GREAT! Thanks for putting this information in one place.

What to you mean by ‘non-ssl’? Do you mean the ‘tiny’ versions?

Yes. It is the tiny version.

Any further information on these routers and an ET firmware?

Slate Plus GL-A1300 - IPQ4018, Quad Core@710Mhz


What is ET firmware?

(E)asy(T)ether , sorry, I thought that the Topic of this post made that clear.

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Slate Plus GL-A1300 support easytether.

Slate Plus GL-A1300 support easytether
Do you know which specific EasyTether firmware is required? The ath79, same as Slate, or another one? Thank you

OpenWrt 19.07.3+ ipq40xx/generic
both openssl and tiny variant hould work.

That’s great to hear, thank you.

Now we just need the Slate Plus released to all. Hopefully soon.

It would be nice is someone some how created a driver similar to EasyTether that would work on the GL-AXT1800. Being that its a top end router. I would like to see how fast the speed would be on it. By the way, doing this on my own with a speed test application; any Android phone that’s a 5G phone will put out more speed using easy tether on it than a 4G phone. I did this test myself. Just to let everybody know.

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