Mac spoofing not working for cruise; might be tracked via UUID

So, I purchased WiFi on my phone to later spoof its MAC address on my AXT1800 but it didn’t work.

The router connects to the WiFi fine but when I am unable to do anything to get connected to the captive portal. The cruise app also works when I’m connected to my router, but everything browsing wise does not.

I’m suspecting that the cruise WiFi has some other way to detect that it is a router and not an iPhone being connected. The WiFi portal on my phone has some diagnostic info which includes my MAC address, a “PMS ID”, and a UUID.

On my MacBook, Firefox tells me that I need to login to the network but when I click to open the network login page, it does not load. Looking at the network inspector, the URL: “cruiseWiFi”.com/blocked/device_blocked.php?key=“myIP”
Says “NS_BINDING_ABORTED”. Every website I try to access shows this URL and another URL which is the actual website which eventually times out.

Their system is also able to track my phone even when I switch the setting on my iPhone that gives a private address (different MAC address). I just have to re-activate the WiFi and it works as usual on my phone. So my question is: is there another way routers can track which device it is? Is there a way to spoof UUID in luci? Does the router initially ping certain things that make it easier to identify that it is not an iPhone?

Things I’ve tried:
Changing DNS servers manually to the one the router got from DHCP (same server when I connect my phone)
Factory Reset router
Changing host name to iPhone-11-Pro
Turning VPNs off
rebind_protection ‘0’

I have 11 days left on this cruise and would appreciate if I don’t spend another $400 for my two other devices. ($200 per device)


Spoof Max address. Then when you are connecting on your iPhone, take note of the IP settings (including DNS). Then set the static IP in the repeater to the same and it should be smooth sailing.

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May be try this:


God damn it, it was the damn IP address the router was given.

Thanks again and really appreciate the quick response


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